"Choose your field and walk the lines. Done."

SWOZI in action!
From a green field to a fully marked football pitch in 20 minutes.
Fountainline, our Australian distribution partner, demonstrates how efficient a football pitch can be marked.


SWOZI stays straight even when you wander

SWOZI arm - the all-in line marking solution, which keeps you on the line, always. It is ideal for green keepers who desire a rugged state of the art line marking solution.
Swozi arm with prism and sprayhead

SWOZI works indoors

With SWOZI stadium you can mark your sports fields at millimeter accuracy in poor GPS environments with all common SWOZI features.

Without tape measures. String free. With up to 75% time savings.

4 step process reduced to 1


2 people measure out the field

What if you just don’t have to do this?


2 people set up strings

What if you don’t have to worry about strings?


1 person walks all lines

What if it’s just that simple?


1 person puts away & cleans strings

How cool would it be if beer o’clock is sooner?

SWOZI in the News

Linemarking "out of this world"


GPS is set to transform the world of linemarking with the launch of the Vitax Swozi system, bringing new levels of accuracy to one of the most fundamental groundcare duties.

Pinpoint accuracy when marking out pitches is achieved with no recourse to using strings or other traditional methods.

The specially developed linemarking machine carries an onboard computer that can be uploaded with software for marking out whichever sports are required. […]

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Swozi line-marking system


The system uses the Supaturf Swozi line marker – a specially developed line-marking machine with an on-board computer that can be uploaded with software for marking out whichever sports are required.

A GPS receptor positioned on the field connects to the computer via Bluetooth, so triangulating Swozi’s position with help from its own GPS unit and directing the line marker as required.

Deviation from the marking map by even a few millimetres triggers the head to adjust to maintain an accurate line.[…]

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