Mark your sports fields in no time

Complicated stuff done easy!



Without measure tapes.
Without laser or strings.

By 1 person.
With 75% time savings.
With 100% more flexibility!

Introducing Series 3

the precision sports field solution for line marking & stripe mowing

One platform, two jobs

Stripe mowing is now standard on all line marking products. Simply mount the GPS receiver onto your mower to use the same SWOZI equipment to create mow stripes in harmony with the field lines.

Once the field data is available for either line marking or stripe mowing you can use the same equipment to perform the other task.

Templates for most sports

Football, rugby or even a 400m running track – you name it! SWOZI offers a template for most sports.

Rugged outdoor tablet

A rugged Android tablet is the new user interface. Experience the smooth workflow and start managing your fields via the SWOZI app or the website.

Control your paint usage

Reduce the paint flow if you just want to refresh your lines for one game. Based on speed or based on flow rate setting the SWOZI variable rate feature allows you to define how much paint you want to apply.

*GPS in combination with variable rate painting reduces your paint usage between 30% and 50%.

Reduced paint consumption*

  • Fixed paint flow
  • Variable Rate Painting

3D Terrain Correction

The newly developed 3D terrain correction simplifies the marking process and improves the line quality on undulated terrain.

SWOZI stays straight even when you wander

SWOZI arm - the all-in line marking solution, which keeps you on the line, always. It is ideal for green keepers who desire a rugged state of the art line marking solution.

SWOZI works indoors

With SWOZI stadium you can mark your sports fields at millimeter accuracy in poor GPS environments with all common SWOZI features.

Without tape measures. String free. With up to 75% time savings.

SWOZI in the News

Linemarking "out of this world"

GPS is set to transform the world of linemarking with the launch of the Vitax Swozi system, bringing new levels of accuracy to one of the most fundamental groundcare duties.

Pinpoint accuracy when marking out pitches is achieved with no recourse to using strings or other traditional methods.

The specially developed linemarking machine carries an onboard computer that can be uploaded with software for marking out whichever sports are required. […]

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Stripe Mowing


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